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We also offer packages during the summer season. This way you combine a creative workshop with a 2-course High Tea. Very fun as an outing with family, colleagues or friends! The packages are possible on Thursday to Sunday in the months April to September (except Saturday and Sunday in the first weekend of the month.) On Thursday and Friday you can enjoy lunch in addition to the workshop, on Saturday and Sunday this is a 2-course High-Tea. The packages start at 10:00 am with coffee/tea and something tasty. Would you like more information or to register? Email me or call 0172-530132. Please reserve at least 3 days in advance.

€67.50 pp 4-20 people.

H-eerlijk creative choice!

Which creative workshop will you choose? Whether you opt for sturdy wood, fabric or tableware... With this fun package you can choose from various workshops, such as Handlettering on Wood, Creative with tableware or Wood Burning.

Interior stylist Marielle de Romijn will help you create your unique home item! Look for the current range of workshops for the H-eerlijk creative choice on the website

€65.00 pp • 4-20 persons

Beastly delicious.

There is a painter in every person. Do you want to learn to paint animals on a wooden panel in a rural environment in a professional, but casual way? Artist Ada Gons Goosen brings out your talents in her monumental peat cutting house. 
This package lasts from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, during which you will enjoy a walk along the Drecht and an extensive lunch in the tea garden.

€60 pp 6-10 persons

Relax with Macramé.

Macramé looks impressive but it is not difficult to do. You will learn the basics step by step under the guidance of Karin Mooij from Mooijeboel and you will learn various knots in 3 hours.
So that you can also continue working at home. Ultimately you will go home with a beautiful, trendy plant hanger.

€55.00 pp 2-4 people.

Wonderful spinning.

Under the inspiring leadership of Laura Brambach from Patch of Heaven pottery, you will be carried away by the magic of rotating clay.
Have you always wanted to discover whether you can make a real preliminary work from a lump of clay? Then this is your chance to spin behind a real turntable.

€57.50 pp 2-8 people

Beautiful bowl.

Under the inspiring leadership of Laura Brambach from Patch of Heaven pottery, you can make your own bowl or hanging pot. Simple & sleek or wild & romantically decorated?
Glazing is also included in the workshop.
What beautiful spot will your bowl have in your home or garden?

€50.00 pp 2-8 personsN

Wonderful fluttering.

Under the guidance of potter Laura Brambach from Patch of Heaven pottery, you will make your own tit pot. Simple & sleek or wild & romantically decorated? 
Each tit pot is unique. And for €7.50 extra it can also be glazed.
Do you already have a nice spot in mind for this great tit house?

€52,50 4-12 people

Picturesque field bouquet

Artist and colorist Dorrit Klomp is a master at giving a regional bouquet painting workshop.
Under the inspiring leadership of Dorrit you will work with acrylic paint, brushes and canvas.
You can get inspiration from Dorrit's work or books with old masters. You can choose from 1 large work (40×60 cm) or several smaller copies.
€57.50 pp 4-8 people 

Tea party.

Floral stylist Flora Horsman from Flora&ik shows you how to make a beautiful hanging straw wreath with fresh flowers or dried flowers. 
lying oasis ring or bell jar with flower mandala. You choose in advance which flower creation you make.

€52,50 4-12 people

Beautiful pastel

Artist and colorist Dorrit Klomp makes paintings and spatial work. She has extensive experience painting still lifes and landscapes. Under the guidance of Dorrit you will work with soft pastels on tinted paper.

You create a work of 50×65 cm and draw inspiration from Dorrit's work or books with old masters.

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